EUROCARERS aims to advance the issue of informal care at both national and EU levels through:

  • To raise awareness of the significant contribution made by carers to health and social care systems and the economy as a whole, and of the need to safeguard this contribution;
  • To ensure that EU and national policies take account of carers, i.e. promote social inclusion of carers, the development of support services for carers, enable them to remain active in paid employment and maintain a social life.

Eurocarers defines a carer as a person who provides unpaid care to someone with a chronic illness, disability or other long lasting health or care need, outside a professional or formal framework.


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04.11.2014 European Parliament Interest Group on Carers_Meeting on 15 October 2014_Report »

On 15th October 2014, the first formal meeting of the European Parliament Interest Group on Carers in the new Parliament has taken place. The main aim has been to discuss the Social Protection Committee...

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16.10.2014 Call for a Strategy \'Enabling Carers to Care\' - European Parliament Interest Group on Carers, 15 October 2014 - Press Release »

At its first meeting in new European Parliament in Brussels today, the European Parliament Interest Group on Carers has called on the European Commission to develop and implement an EU-level strategy...

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