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Despite significant progress made by the metastatic breast cancer (MBC) community throughout the last decade, there are still many areas in which further action is required. Limited awareness of MBC’s distinctiveness from early breast cancer, for instance, remains an issue which affects access to quality treatment and support services and prevents urgently needed improvements in patient outcomes.

Eurocarers took part in a multi-disciplinary Expert Working Group consisting of stakeholders from across the MBC pathway in Europe, including healthcare professionals, patient advocates and users’ advocates, policymakers, academics, industry representatives and former healthcare payers, who developed a Policy Roadmap intended as a practical document that showcases specific policy actions that can be taken to close these gaps across Europe. Notably, this document underlined the need for strengthened patient support, participation and empowerment, and recommended to “establish systems to support and empower patients and informal carers through shared-decision making not only at the level of their disease, but also in the development and modernisation of national cancer plans”.

The Roadmap was launched during an event at the European Parliament on 17 October, hosted by MEP Karin Kadenbach, during which Eurocarers had the opportunity to underline the key role of carers in cancer treatment as well as their need for more recognition and support.

The Roadmap is available in English, Spanish, German, Italian and French here