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Across Europe, higher life expectancy rates combined with a decreasing number of births are the main rationale behind an increasingly ageing European population. According to the European Commission, the proportion of people over 65 will reach almost 1/3 of the European population by 2030, while the working age population in the EU is expected to decline by almost 15%. The growing number of older people has been perceived by many as a threat to Europe’s economy and competitiveness, in particular when it comes to the sustainability of its healthcare systems.

In order to counter this negative approach to ageing, the European Commission has launched several initiatives to promote active ageing across Europe. These initiatives aim to ensure that the generation of baby-boomers does not only stay longer in employment and retire later, but can also benefit from healthier lives, receive appropriate care as well as live independently.

This international symposium provided an opportunity to explore practical solutions to the challenges associated with an increasingly ageing population in Europe. The symposium focused on how to support active ageing through innovation and partnerships in order to grasp the opportunities for social development and economic growth in Europe that underlie this societal change as well as explore new ways to ensure the well-being and engagement of the elderly in society while supporting long-term sustainability and efficiency of the EU health and social care systems.

Stecy Yghemonos took an active role during the event and contributed to a discussion aiming to:

  • Evaluate the Silver economy as a driver for economic growth across Europe;
  • Examine ways to improve the health and well-being of the elderly while contributing to the sustainability of EU healthcare systems;
  • Find out more about innovative approaches to healthy living and active ageing; and
  • Explore innovative ideas in the field of age friendly environments and personal health management.

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