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Following on from previous papers in the Series, Care Alliance Ireland is pleased to announce publication of the fourth in a series of Discussion Papers on various topics concerning Family Carers, and those services who provide supports for them.

It is widely understood that Family Carers are more likely to experience poor health, economic hardship anxiety, stress, loneliness and isolation than the general population. However, the experience of caring can be incredibly rewarding. It can highlight skills and traits an individual never knew they had – determination, patience, intelligence, tenacity and boundless love, to name but a few. Over time, a Family Carer builds up knowledge about practical matters related to caring and about the emotional and other impacts of caring. This Discussion Document outlines some of the key messages which Family Carers, during a large scale survey, identified as pieces of advice and wisdom which they would chose to pass on to Carers new to the role.

It is clear that the Family Carers of Ireland have a wealth of knowledge that should be shared, not only with other Family Carers, but also with support organisations that can use the information to tailor their services appropriately.

This Discussion Document can be found at the following link, along with the other precious entries in the Series: