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On the 2nd October, an article written by Mr. Heinz Becker, MEP and co-chair of the EP Interest Group on Carers was published in The Parliament Magazine. In his article, Mr. Becker calls for a multidimensional approach to the challenges facing carers and – more importantly – calls on member states to take their responsibilities.
The EU must urgently build the right policy framework to give informal carers the recognition and support they deserve, writes Heinz K. Becker. Informal carers looking after ill, frail or disabled family members, partners, friends or neighbours fulfil a vital yet unpaid - and often thankless - role in our health systems, providing 80 per cent of care across Europe. 

Without them, our health systems would be unable to sustain the burden of care. Informal carers juggle numerous roles and responsibilities in a wholly unregulated situation without allotted holiday time, set working hours, labour conditions, insurance, pay or otherwise. 

As a result, carers are prone to higher levels of physical, emotional, social and financial stress that can cause them to neglect their own needs. In short, there is currently no such thing as 'work-life balance' for Europe's carers.

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