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In the framework of the Edy-Care project, we are launching a call for good practices regarding educational strategies, didactical approaches and organisational adjustments that can support young carers in their educational career (by maintaining a regular frequency of classes, reaching learning goals, finalising formal education of high school, integrating with other students).

The experiences we are looking for can be expressly targeted to young carers, as well as targeted to other typologies of students but transferrable to young carers.

In details:

  1. Good practices in educational settings that help young/young adult carers to attend classes, to achieve good results, to remain in education and/or to be socially included
  2. Good practices in the educational settings that aim to accommodate the needs of students (other than carers) and that could be transferred to the case of young/young adult carers
  3. Good practices supporting young/young adult carers in fields connected with educational settings (eg. sport/leisure/religious centres)

The material collected through this consultation will serve as basis for the development of a toolkit of educational strategies, didactical approaches and organisational adjustments that schools can implement to facilitate young carers and to support them in their scholastic career. The toolkit will be available on the project website to everyone who is interested.

If you know a good practice fitting in one of the above categories, please share it with us by filling in this form.

Please note:

  • If you don’t have the time to fill in the questionnaire, please contact Francesca Centola at We can arrange a call and go through the questionnaire together on the phone - in English, French or Italian!
  • If you are not sure whether a practice is or not relevant for this consultation, please share it with us anyway
  • The project targets young carers aged from 16 to 19 but this consultation is broader (young carers or young adult carers any age)
  • The good practice can be something very practical but also a rule/law
  • The good practice can be at local or regional or national level
  • We are looking for good practices that have been already evaluated. Yet, if the one you know hasn’t been evaluated yet, share it anyway.

Thank you for your collaboration!

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