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is very pleased to launch its brand new informative website:

The essential care and cancer toolkit:
Tips and tools for people taking care of someone with (breast) cancer 

 “Diagnosis of cancer is striking and unexpected – it turns your whole life upside downsays a relative of a person with cancer.  People who take care of a relative or friend affected by cancer have a lot of questions about cancer, what it means for them and for their loved one as well as for themselves, and how to face the situation, both emotionally and practically. Their own health, well-being and inclusion in our society is at stake.

Eurocarers’ Toolkit has been developed with all cancer carers in mind, while devoting some specific sections to carers of someone with breast cancer. Building on the experience and knowledge of informal carers, cancer patients and health professionals throughout Europe, it is aimed at:

  • Providing them with key information, tips and tools;
  • Helping them take stock of the situation;
  • Encourage them to evaluate and organise the support they may need.

How to cope with caregiving? How to maintain one’s own level of wellbeing? How to combine care and employment? What are the different phases of the disease? Eurocarers’ Cancer Toolkit addresses the key aspects of cancer caring, providing information, testimonies and pieces of advice in the form of an accessible and interactive website.

Besides, practical information on rights and support available to cancer carers in 10 countries (Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden, Portugal) will be added to the online Toolkit in the coming days, as well as translations of the Toolkit in the 8 corresponding languages[1].  This website might be useful for carers, as well as for professionals and volunteers supporting them.

“Those looking after people with cancer in the European Union play a key role for the patients and our health system, especially at a time when treatment is more and more provided at-home. Their contribution should be better acknowledged, and they should be better supported in order to fulfil their role while preserving their health status” said Stecy Yghemonos, Eurocarers’ Director.



More about Eurocarers’ Cancer Carers Toolkit

This publication has been developed in cooperation with the European Cancer Patient Coalition, the European Association of Palliative Care and Macmillan Cancer Support, with the support of Merck and Pfizer.

It builds on available research, a survey among informal carers of a person affected by cancer and interviews with informal carers and experts conducted between November and December 2017. Information for informal cancer carers at national level have been gathered by Eurocarers’ national members.

Access Eurocarers’ Toolkit here:


[1] Finnish, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian, Swedish.  Country related information and translations will be available at the end of May 2018.

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