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This annual report 2016-2017 covers another busy and productive year which included the celebration of our organisation’s 10th anniversary. We marked this milestone with a particularly comprehensive programme of activities during our AGM held in Brussels in June. Ever since our network was set up in 2006, we have facilitated effective exchange and cooperation among carers, academics, relevant stakeholders and responsible authorities in Member States. Throughout these 10 years we have learned that the success of our mission depends on the interplay between a broader set of social, health and employment policies. This requires the involvement of various sectors and a mix of policy measures that address the many facets of caregiving in Europe.

Our vision is unchanged, which is to contribute to a Europe where carers have the opportunity and the support they need to live fulfilling and healthy lives while their contribution to care systems, social cohesion, the economy and society as a whole is truly valued. First and foremost, this report reflects the dedication as well as the individual and collective work of our secretariat and member organisations to achieve greater recognition and support for all carers across Europe.

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