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Developing a social right and sizing an opportunity for a rebalanced European Union

Back in March 2016 Eurocarers very much welcomed the launch of a Consultation on a European Pillar of Social Rights by the European Commission (EC), aiming to rebalance the process of integration within the European Monetary Union through a stronger focus on employment and social dimension. (See Eurocarers Policy Briefing here).

Our contribution was circulated in our network during the summer. On the base of numerous comments and suggestions, it was finalised and submitted formally on 28 October.  In its contribution Eurocarers asks whether this proposal succeed in taking role and the difficulties of carers into account.

On a positive note, Eurocarers welcomes the recognition that “people with caring responsibilities”, as well as parents, should benefit from “adequate leave arrangements” and “access to care services”. However, beyond the area of work/life balance, evidence shows that support to informal carers makes a positive huge difference in a variety of areas, ranging from health and long term care provision to gender equality, equal opportunities, employment, education…. Eurocarers’ contribution picks up on all the domains listed by the European Commission, analyses practical examples, and shows how informal caregiving is interrelated with major challenges affecting our ageing societies.

Our contribution mainly highlights that why and how:

  • The social right to care informally for a relative should be formally recognized;

-Supporting informal caregivers is a sound investment for employment;

  • Supporting informal caregivers is a sound investment for the sustainability of our health care and long-term care systems;
  • Supporting informal caregiving should be a transversal priority for a carer friendly society.

See the content of Eurocarers’s contribution here.