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European Parliament Interest Group on Carers

The European Interest Group on Carers was created in 2007. It aims to:

  • Be a Parliamentary forum for debate and discussion of European policy development in relation to carers
  • Assess the impact of individual policy initiatives on the lives and interest of carers
  • Initiate EU level policy actions

The Interest Group meets three times a year on average and is currently chaired by:

  • Marian Harkin (ALDE - IRL)
  • Heinz Becker (PPE - AT)
  • Jean Lambert (Greens-UK)
  • Sirpa Pietikainen (PPE - FL)

Eurocarers provides the secretariat to the Interest Group on Carers.

List of 19 MEPs who are part of the group:Heinz BECKER, AT, PPE
Nessa CHILDERS, Ireland, S&D
Brian CROWLEY, Ireland, ALDE 
Jill EVANS, UK, Greens 
Elisa FERREIRA, Portugal, S&D
Nathalie GRIESBECK, France, ALDE
Marian HARKIN, Ireland, ALDE 
Richard HOWITT, UK, S&D  
Seán KELLY, Ireland, EPP 
Jean LAMBERT, UK, Greens
Mairead McGUINNESS, Ireland, EPP
Alojz PETERLE, Slovenia, EPP
Robert ROCHEFORT, France, ALDE
Patrizia TOIA, Italy, S&D
Lambert VAN NISTELROOIJ, Netherlands, EPP
Derek VAUGHAN, UK, S&D    
Anna ZÁBORSKÁ, Slovakia, EPP

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