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The Eurocarers Research Working Group (ERWG) held its annual face-to-face meeting on the 6 and 7 December 2017 in Bologna – Italy. The event, which was hosted by our local member organisation C’ENTRO, brought together 19 participants from 15 organisations and eight countries. It gave a great opportunity to exchange on respective work (in the fields of integrated care, ICT, working carers, young carers, statistics, etc.) and to discuss how the collective work of our network can positively contribute to the collection of new data about informal care and caring.

More specifically, the group looked into the potential offered by upcoming calls for proposals under the Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ programmes and commented on the draft list of social indicators developed by the WHO European Centre for Primary Health care in the framework of its monitoring framework for the European Framework for Action on Integrated Health Services Delivery. This also offered an opportunity to discuss how the ERWG could potentially contribute to the European Commission’s social scoreboard (and particularly when it comes to long-term care).

Finally, the event also gave the group the chance to take part in a conference organise by C’ENTRO on the Italian “after us” (Dopo di noi)  law, which is dedicated to the “independent life project” of persons with severe disabilities (L. 112/2016).

For more information about this event, please contact the Eurocarers secretariat.