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The Care Ethics Moment: International Innovations is guest edited by Prof. Maurice Hamington, Portland State University, USA. He explains: ‘Care ethics has emerged as an international intellectual phenomenon, and is a relatively new area of care scholarship. This Special Issue provides an opportunity for global intellectuals advancing the frontiers of care ethics to discuss how care ethics scholarship is evolving in their region at this extremely generative time in the field.’

The Special Issue is a project rooted in diversity: authors hail from Canada, South Korea, India, UK, South Africa, Argentina and The Netherlands and from the fields of philosophy, political science, public administration, education and public policy. ‘We bring global voices together to discuss care theory and its applications at a time when this intellectual work is needed more than ever. Contrasting with contemporary international movements of isolation and cultural conservatism, care ethics stands as a hopeful alternative narrative, an argument for compassion, cooperation and responsiveness to need. We hope it is a milestone of international intellectual collaboration that will spur further mingling of people and ideas in service of this important scholarship.’

In the Debates & Issues section (D&I articles are free to view online) are two items from global organisations devoted to advancing care and empathy: on men’s role as caregivers; and an inspiring reflection, by a teacher at Sandy Hook School, USA, on care for those affected by the horror there in 2012. Also featured are reviews of the 2017 Caring Democracy conference and of 3 books relevant to care ethics.

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