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In June 2016 Italy had a first legislation on the thematic called "after us", regarding the future of people with severe disabilities after the death of the parents. This new law calls us for a wider reflection (a cultural reflection) on the role the families (carers)  are supposed to play and what can be the role of the third sector, non limiting the reflection only to people with severe disability. 

C'entro Association will organize an international event on the 26-27th of January 2017 in Italy (Padoa) regarding the "after us" issue, but also the "during us" situation - linked also to the caregivers' position on these aspects.

C'entro Association is asking Eurocarers members who have best practices in their country - inside or outside a legislative frame - to take part to the event as speakers, but also as participants. 

Contact person Casandra Cristea -