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Our Work

Eurocarers was established to advance the issue of informal care at both national and EU levels by:

  • Carrying out and supporting research on issues that concern carers in order to help build the evidence for sound advocacy, communication and – ultimately - policy development
  • Advocating the interests of carers with a focus on their health, pensions and social security, social inclusion and employment. As part of this activity, Eurocarers holds the secretariat for the European Parliament’s Interest Group on Carers
  • Encouraging and facilitating the development of representative and sustainable carers’ organisations in all EU states
  • Promoting the development of inclusive and patient-centred care systems, which fully recognise the role, contribution and added value of carers.

Our activities are therefore organised around three thematic pillars, in all of which carers and those who represent them play leadership roles: policy and advocacy, capacity-building as well as data collection and analysis. This section will give you an overview of our work in these fields.

European Parliament Interest Group on Informal Carers »

The European Parliament Informal Carers Interest Group brings together MEPs from different countries and political parties who are willing to support the development of carer-friendly societies.…

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Policy Work »

Although Member States remain responsible for organising their care and social protection systems, EU institutions play an instrumental role in complementing national policies and supporting cooperation…

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Current Projects »

Grundtvig Learning Partnership Self-assessment of their needs by Family Carers: The pathway to support

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Past Projects »

We have been involved in several EU projects including the Advancing Integration for a Dignified Ageing Project, INNOVAGE: a multilingual webplatform for carers, and Progress: An EU employment &…

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Research »

A cross-cultural study on expressed emotion in carers of people with dementia and schizophrenia: Japan and England. Nomura H, Inoue S, Kamimura N, Shimodera S, Mino Y, Gregg L, Tarrier N. Dept.…

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