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AG JUMP – Junge Menschen mit Pflegeverantwortung im Verein: wir pflegen – Interessenvertretung begleitender Angehöriger und Freunde in Deutschland e.V.
in cooperation with: Kompetenzzentrum Demenz in Schleswig-Holstein
Following on from two earlier symposia on Young Carers in February and June 2016 in Hamburg (see: the Working Group JUMP prepared another event with the following aims:
  • Further awareness raising on the topic by presenting the views of young carers themselves, the results from research and practical approaches for support
  • Further development of a concept for a pilot project in a school in Hamburg
  • Learning from good practice in UK
  • Broadening the network on Young Carers especially in Hamburg
The target group mainly included professionals that could be supportive to young carers and their families. The event reached round about 50 participants, mainly from the region of Hamburg. It was a mixture of all ages and very different fields of work as well as some few carers. The audience followed the presentations and discussions with high interest. The feedback in the informal part of the Get-Together was really positive. Participants told organisers that the topic was new for most of them and that they learned a lot. We could even win new members for the working group. 
Participants were impressed about the richness of the presentations and the mixture of experiences of young cares, scientific results from Germany and UK and practical tools for support. It became clear that we are lots of years behind the developments in UK, but that it motivates to invest more working on practical tools for support because of the impressive results that could be shown comparing the situation in UK over the time. 
The program is available here: Organisers will prepare documentation on the symposium in German which will be published on wir-pflegen’s website in the beginning of December.
Should you wish to receive more information about this event, please contact:
Dr Hanneli Döhner
Head of Working Group JUMP
Tel.: (49) 40 – 490 82 94
Mobil: (49) 151 – 11 91 08 99