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Since September 2015, Eurocarers is actively engaged as a partner in the European project TRACK, in the framework of the Erasmus + programme. The project aimed to support informal carers through recognition of skills and training.

The consortium met in Halle (Germany) last 29 and 30 September. The project is moving on positively at a regular pace. On the basis of the initial Baseline Study on the needs of informal carers with regards training produced by Eurocarers back in February 2016, partners have:

  • discussed training needs with informal carers and stakeholders in focus groups in the three pilot countries (France, Germany, Spain);
  • designed the patterns of a short and accessible training for informal carers confronted with dementia, to be delivered in a blended mode (online and face to face meetings).

The consortium is currently working on:

  • the design and the implementation of the course for informal carers, that will be tested by informal carers in each of the three pilot countries;
  • a feasibility study exploring the possibilities and the added value of a certification process applied to the competence developed in the frame of the project, with the view to valorize informal carers’ competencies on the labour market.

Finally, we are preparing a final conference, that will give the opportunity to stakeholders to learn and discuss about the outcomes of the project, and pave the way for further developments.  This conference will take place on the 21st of June in Brussels, the day after Eurocarers’ Annual General Assembly, planned on the 20th of June. These dates will allow for the possibility for Eurocarers’ delegates to the General Assembly to participate in the TRACK conference while in Brussels.

Please contact Claire for any additional information you may need in relation to the project TRACK.