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Eurocarers and its members Linnaeus University (Sweden), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Anziani e non solo Società cooperativa (Italy), Cuidadores Portugal (Portugal) are partners in an Erasmus+ project on Innovative School Education Methodologies and Tools for Guaranteeing Social Inclusion of Young Carers (EDY-CARE).

The project aims to empower teachers and other school staff (e.g., school nurses, psychologists, social workers, management) in upper secondary education (ISCED-3 level)  to recognise adolescent young carers (16-19 years old) in classes and maximize their learning opportunities, while ensuring their social inclusion.

A specific webpage for the Project Edy-Care has been created. The project leaflet is available here.

On 26-27 October the project partners met in Kalmar, Sweden, for the kick off meeting, where they started planning all the activities to be implemented through the life of the project (October 2017- March 2020). In details, the following deliverables will be developed:  

1) An Assessment tool to identify young carers and to measure the (positive and/or negative) impacts of caring activities on school attainment, attendance, interaction with peers etc.

The assessment tool will be piloted and tested in schools in the project partners’ countries (at least 50 students per country). University of Ljubljana will lead the release of this outcome.

2) A toolkit of educational strategies, didactical approaches and organisational adjustments that schools can take to facilitate young carers and to support them in their scholastic career while taking into account their caring responsibilities.

The toolkit will include two dimensions: the national one, whit sections written in native languages and presenting local-adapted strategies and the European one, with recommendations for transferability and adaptation at a wider level. The lead partner for this outcome is Anziani e non solo.

3) A Handbook for teachers and school staff. The handbook will contain the following chapters: how to recognise young carers; what to do to support them in schools; how to link with other available services at local level.  The lead partner for this outcome is Cuidadores Portugal.

4) A Massive Open Online Course. The MOOC will be tested with teachers and school staff (at least 50 people per country). The course will be available free of charge for all potentially interested participants. The lead partner for this outcome is Anziani e non solo.

Eurocarers is in charge of the dissemination, so that the learnings of the project can be spread beyond the partnership. We will also ensure that the project partners can build on the expertise of other members of our network. With this aim, next year we will launch a consultation among our members in order to collect good practices related to school environments that can support young carers. In particular, we are interested in good practices, possibly already evaluated, that regards practical tools or educational strategies. Experiences not created for young carers but that could be applicable for them are also relevant.

The material collected through this consultation will serve as basis for the development of the different project deliverables, which will be available – free of charge- to all stakeholders interested in the field.

You will hear from us beginning of next year. In the meantime, enjoy reading the main information about the project here.