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Update Joint Programme Initiative ‘More Years, Better Lives’

The latest meetings of the Societal Advisory Board (SOAB) of the Joint Programme Initiative (JPI) ‘More Years, Better Lives’ (MYBL) took place on the 29-30 October 2015 in Berlin. The first meeting was of the SOAB itself while the second combined the SOAB with the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of this JPI. Eurocarers, as a member of the SOAB, attended both of these meetings. Here are Henk Bakkerode’s observations on several agenda items.

  1. State of play of the JPI MYBL First Joint Call 2015 “Extended working life and its interaction with health, wellbeing and beyond’.

In total 39 project proposals have been collected under this call on ‘Caring responsibilities’. The total amount of requested money was ca 40 million €, while only 7.7 million is available. Funding decisions will be made in December and projects will start in January/February 2016. The management of this Call is done by the German VDI/VDE Innovation und Technik GmbH in Berlin (Dr Annette Angermann). The list of international consortia that have applied under the call is still unknown but Henk will make sure to find out about this ASAP as this could be relevant for Eurocarers and its Research Working Group.

  1. The JPI MYBL Second Joint Call 2016 ‘Welfare, Wellbeing and Quality of Life’.

A first outline of the Call topic was commented by both the SOAB and SAB. The Call is expected to be launched in early 2016. The management of this Call (as well of the third) will be done by ISCIC in Spain.

  1. The JPI MYBL Third Joint Call 2017 ‘Place, Technology and Learning’.

After a long discussion, the Call was renamed in ‘Wellbeing in Place’. The JPI MYBL has explored the possibility of launching this Call in collaboration with the AAL (Active and Assisted Living) Programme.

  1. Stakeholders involvement in JPIs

A report on this topic was circulated in July edition of our newsletter. The SOAB-secretariat reported on the compiled results of a questionnaire set out by the other JPI’s SOAB. The main issues highlighted by this mapping exercise included the clarification of basic concepts; stakeholder governance; the difference between stakeholder involvement and public engagement; what stage(s) of the R&D cycle would be best to incorporate public engagement; how to measure the real impact of stakeholders; parameters of the advisory boards involvement; and - last but not the least - how to select stakeholders? See also previous report in July newsletter.

  1. SOAB Work plan

The work plan of the SOAB for the coming years was discussed, together with the SAB’s work plan. It will be updated after each meeting.

  1. Development of a SRA Content Strategy Tool

The SOAB/SAB secretary (Richard Pieper) developed this tool for managing, using and updating the content of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) in exploration, alignment, implementation and public engagement. Part of it is a Thematic Database Template. This will be discussed next meeting of the SOAB resp. the SAB.

  1. Chair of the SOAB

The meeting was an opportunity to elect a new SOAB chair and vice-chair. Heidrun Mollenkopf, representing Age Platform Europe/Bagso was appointed as chair while Anett Ruszanov, representing the European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN) was appointed as vice-chair.

Next meeting of the SOAB will be in the Spring 2016, in Brussels.

For more information: or the Programme website