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Mutual Aid Group Model and Implementation Guide

The CARE4DEM project aims to develop an innovative model of mutual aid group for dementia caregivers, that will:

  • Introduce ICT allowing for interaction and widespread use;
  • Facilitate the social inclusion of informal carers of people with dementia, who face challenges in their social interaction and are more likely to face mental health issues;
  • Engage informal carers at a risk of social exclusion into adult learning;
  • Provide guidelines for implementation and resources (practical tips and recommendations to professionals) to successfully implement the model in a given context, without relying on external support.   

With this output, we expect to increase the number of dementia caregivers who take part in mutual aid groups, as well as to increase the number of professionals who gain skills and implement mutual aid groups effectively.

The development of this mutual aid group innovative model is at the core of the CARE4DEM project. This output comprises the following activities:

  • Definition of the mutual aid groups model architecture and methodology
  • Definition of the model’s requirements, including web-based features
  • Validation workshops in each project country
  • Design of web-based features, development and coding
  • Training event for partners’ staff members
  • Multiplier events in each country to present the project’s aims and activities
  • Piloting of the model, fine-tuning
  • Adaptation to countries
  • Assessment of the impact and effectiveness of the model on the caregivers’ situation
  • Drafting of a final guide/ manual for web-based mutual aid groups’ implementation.

More detailed information will be displayed on this webpage as these activities will be implemented. 

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