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Care4Dem: intense preparation going on in view of the piloting of the innovative Mutual Aid Group model

This week, the Italian project partner Anziani e Non Solo hosted the first CARE4DEM training event, aimed to develop the necessary skills related to the CARE4DEM web-based mutual aid groups (MAG) model.  This event gathered 13 staff members from the partner organisations responsible for the delivery of the piloting of the model in their country as well as members of Eurocarers interested in the project.

Indeed, the main components of the CARE4DEM innovative model of support online for carers of people with dementia are being finalised, and the piloting is to start in July 2019, after translation of the contents. Building on transnational research, the CARE4DEM model of web-based MAG will provide, beside the MAG model itself, a series of tools aimed to facilitate its implementation by professionals: a facilitator’s competence profile, a multi-media course for facilitators, and a network of professionals across the EU working towards improving the support offered to informal carers.

At the end of this 3 days training activity, participants are able to:

  •  Present the web-based mutual aid group model adequately;
  •  Describe properly all features of the model;
  •  Identify and recognise good practices in mutual aid groups;
  •  Organise and deliver the pilot test of the model;
  •  Prepare the evaluation system.

The training was based on a participative approach, building on the expertise of the participants to further improve the content of the CARE4DEM model. Overall, participants appreciated the event very positively.   This week event will be complemented by a second training event in June 2019, focusing on the blended training for facilitators. Then the recruitment will start in order to test the CARE4DEM model with 8 groups of 5 to 8 carers in each country (Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain).

The final outcomes of the piloting and evaluation of the CARE4DEM model will be available in June 2020.


Porto, 9-10 October 2018:third project meeting

The third project meeting took place in Porto on 9 and 10 October 2018. The meeting was hosted by the Portuguese partner CASO 50+, and marked progress in paving the way towards the delivery of the main outputs remaining.  

Firstly, partners made progress in the design of the Mutual Aid Group model (Intellectual Output 02), building on a proposal by Anziani e Non-Solo. They also started the preparation of the Competence Profile and Online Self-assessment Tool (Intellectual Output 03), discussing initial proposals by Eurocarers and EaSI. Approximar led a first discussion on the Training for Facilitators (Intellectual Outcome 04) and a work plan was adopted. Additionally, partners took stock of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and reviewed the necessary actions to put in place in order to make sure the project was implemented in compliance with this new regulation. Partners also did a review of dissemination activities. Additionally, they discussed the outcome of the quality monitoring both for the 1st period and for IO1, as well as the state of art regarding the budget.

The last part of the first day was devoted to an open session engaging stakeholders outside the partnership, allowing for exchanges regarding the current project as well as other related projects.

18 September 2018: Launch of the report “Web-based mutual aid groups of informal carers: an evidence review”

This report, which gives an insight of the state of play regarding this promising though underdeveloped tool, was coordinated by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III. It constitutes the baseline of the Care4Dem project. Building on a research, it gives an insight of the state of play regarding this particular type of support, the development of which was not well documented. In particular, the report looks at the methodologies applied, and the competences and profiles of the moderators. 
As such, this publication aims to emphasise a series of useful pointers for the development of an innovative model of web-based mutual aid groups for dementia carers as part of the CARE4DEM project.

Download the Executive Summary in EnglishFrench, ItalianPortugueseRomanianSpanish

Download the full version here in English.


Second project meeting: Madrid, 27 April 2018

The meeting was hosted by Instituto de Salud Carlos III. The discussion focused on the outcomes of the evidence review on web-based mutual aid groups conducted by ISCIII in the last months, and prepared for the upcoming work packages, i.e. the web-based mutual aid group model and implementation guide.

Project’s kick off meeting in Capri (Italy), 27 November 2017

The first project meeting was hosted by Anziani e Non Solo (ANS) on 27 November 2017 in Carpi (Italy). It gave the opportunity to the partners to review the content of the project, and to make sure they share the same understanding of the administrative rules. Partners also discussed and agreed plans for Dissemination, Monitoring and Evaluation. Initial exchanges were held on the first outcomes of the project: an evidence review on web-based mutual aid groups and a web-based mutual aid group model and implementation guide.

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