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The New Eurocarers Membership Strategy


Following up on our Annual General Assembly held in Gothenburg on the 3rd September, a new membership fee structure has now been endorsed by the General Assembly for the strategic period beginning on the 1st January 2016.

It is summarised in this table. 






The different memebership categories (and therefore the different levels of membership fees) depend on the package of services you want to benefit from and on the turnover on carers’ activities of your organisation.

This new tiered membership fee model is designed to encourage active member participation in the expanding work of the Association but allows members to choose between different levels of engagement. Since the new packages of services include funded participation to different types of capacity-building activities (i.e. the Secretariat will cover the travel and subsistence costs of participants), the new membership fees should be seen as an investment in the structure and activities of Eurocarers. Indeed, some members – particularly those with smaller budgets – are likely to draw more net benefits under the new provisions than what they could actually expect in the previous structure (i.e. whereby they have to cover the costs of their participation to our activities themselves at present). 

The principles of the new membership fee policy

The most important principles involved in determining membership fees are:

Equity – the recognition that Europe is not homogenous but is diverse, and eligible bodies of all sizes and compositions are welcome and encouraged to participate. On that basis, categories by size (and financial means) are suggested but a majority of services are provided equally among members.

Solidarity – that the greatest possible effort is made by the network to remain inclusive to all eligible bodies irrespective of ability to pay, and in return eligible bodies contribute as much as possible towards autonomous network operations;

Transparency – that members will be requested to define the levels that they are able and willing to contribute within a range based on their latest annual published accounts (i.e. this piece of information will be put at the disposal of the secretariat and Executive Committee)

The services associated to the membership categories

The services and advantages provided to the members of the Eurocarers network, depending on the category they belong to, include:

  • Vote at the General Assembly regarding the Eurocarers annual budget and work plan
  • Nomination of the Executive Committee members
  • Funded access to Eurocarers capacity-building activities, including regional conferences, research workshops, exchange visits, etc.
  • Research development
  • Access to funded work (i.e. join project consortia, take part in sponsored activities, etc.), with priority for full members
  • Access to the Eurocarers newsletter, including information about the network’s activities, relevant policy developments, opportunities for funded work, events, etc.
  • Advocacy, policy briefings and communications services
  • Promotion of national and regional activities and work at EU level
  • Policy and programme consultations
  • Full information, technical assistance and secretariat support


The membership fee

The annual membership fee will depend on your organisation’s turnover on carers’ activities and on the services you want to benefit from, as per table above.

  • Full Member Tier I

□ Turnover >1.5m (annual fee: 3.500 Euros)

□ Turnover between 750k-1.5m (annual fee: 2.750 Euros)

□ Turnover <750k (annual fee: 2.000 Euros)

  • Full Member Tier II

□ Turnover >700k (annual fee: 1.250 Euros)

□ Turnover between 250k-700k (annual fee: 750 Euros)

□ Turnover <250k (annual fee: 500 Euros)

  • Associate Member

□ Associate (annual fee: 250 Euros)

□ Associate (annual fee: 100 Euros)

  • Observer Member (for individuals only)

□ Observer (annual fee: 50 Euros)