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Young Carers’ Fair Futures

About the venue

The conference will be held at the Manchester Metropolitan University:

Manchester Metropolitan University
Brooks Building
53 Bonsall Street
M15 6GX

Plenary sessions and live streaming

Our whole conference takes place in the Brooks Building at Manchester Metropolitan University, making it easy and convenient to travel between rooms and sessions. The main conference plenary sessions (on 10 and 11 April) take place in Lecture Theatre 3 in the Brooks Building. Everything in Brooks is accessible, and all plenaries, workshops, symposia and short presentations, plus refreshment breaks and lunches, take place in Brooks.

We are pleased to inform you that we will also be live streaming the main plenary sessions into a smaller lecture theatre next to the large (main) lecture theatre. We know that some attendees feel more comfortable in a room which is less full (the conference is oversubscribed so the main lecture theatre will be at full capacity with up to 200 people). If the main lecture theatre is full, or if you feel uncomfortable in that room, then please attend the live streaming of the plenary sessions in the room next door. This will have more space and will be more comfortable for attendees who prefer that kind of environment. Thank you.

Conference Agenda

11:30 – 1:00Registration & LunchMMU Brooks Foyer
1:15 – 2:45Workshop 1Seminar Room
2:45 – 3:15BreakSpanish Steps
3:15 – 4:45Workshop 2Seminar Room
4:45 - 5:15Debrief for allLecturer Theatre
8:45 – 10:00Registration & RefreshmentsMMU Brooks Foyer
10:00 – 10:15Conference Open and Welcome
Professor Saul Becker
Lecture Theatre
10:15 - 11:15Plenary 1 - Welcome & Young carers speak out: Voices of current young carers
Young carers
Moderated by Andy McGowan
Lecture Theatre
11:15 -11:45Break/travel to Workshop
11:45 – 1:00Session 1Seminar Rooms
1:00 – 2:00LunchFoyer/ Spanish Steps (TBC)
2:00 – 3:15Plenary 2 - Research Approaches: Data that makes a difference
Becca Lacey
Professor Saul Becker
Moderated by Elizabeth Hanson
Lecture Theatre
3:15 – 3:45Break/travel to workshop
3:45– 5:00Session 2Seminar Rooms
5:00 – 5:30Final reflectionsLecture Theatre
7:00/7:30 – 9:30Optional DinnerManchester United Football Club
(Book via the Registration Page)
8:45 – 9:15Welcome RefreshmentsMMU Brooks Foyer
9:15 – 10:30Plenary 3 - International Policy Development: Perspectives from around the world
Dr Ally Dunhill
Rohati Chapman
Elizabeth Hanson
Anil Patil
Moderated by Stecy Yghemonos
Lecture Theatre
10:30 – 11:00Break/travel to Workshop
11:00 – 12:15Session 3Seminar Rooms
12:15 – 1:15LunchSpanish Steps
1:15 – 2:30Plenary 4 - Making an Impact: Former young carers delivering change
Stefani Buoni
Maddy Buchner
Andy McGowan
Elisabeth Lied
Moderated by Krista Cartlidge
Lecture Theatre
2:30 – 3:00Break/travel to Workshop
3:00 – 4:15Session 4Seminar Rooms
4:15 - 4:45Closing remarksLecture Theatre

Individual Session Agenda

You can view the individual session options below and once you have selected one session per time slot please use the registration below to register your preference. The sessions are split into three categories:

A single focused event with a facilitator/presenter, which attendees participate in activity or discussion

A series of (between 2-4) short presentations grouped by a specific theme, followed by Q & A

4 like presentations on a specific theme, brought together by one convenor

Young Carers will be participating in some of these sessions.

FormatNumber of presentations
Title and Author
SUPPORTWorkshop1Celebrating Young Carers: The Young Carers Festival by Little Dreamers (Australia)
Now presented by Madeleine Buchner
The Australian Young Carers Festival
IDENTIFYShort Presentations21. Raising Awareness and Changeing Practices: The French Healthcare Professionals' Viewpoint
Pauline Justin, Géraldine Dorard, Valentyn Fournier, Aurélie Untas

2. Teachers' Perspectives on Siblings as Young Carers
Krister Fjermestad, Caitlin Prentice
Professional Perspectives on Young Carers
SUPPORTWorkshop1Occupational Therapy and Its Application in the Support of Young Carers and Their Families
Chris Hall
Occupational Therapy with Young Carers & Families
SUPPORTWorkshop1Young Carers Futures: Partnering with Employers to Improve Employment Opportunities for Young Adult Carers
Now presented by Vicky Morgan
Young Carers and Employment
SUPPORTShort Presentations41. Age Appropriate Videos to Deliver Key Messages to Young Carers in Palliative Carer Situations: Good Practice from Switzerland
Elena Guggari

2. Support for Young Carers of Parents Living with Neurological Diseases or Injuries
Linda Gustafsson, Malin Björkquist

3. A Mixed-Methods Exploration of the Care Giving Experiences, Outcomes and Unmet Needs of Young Carer in Oncology
Bailey A. Hendricks, Kevin Kupzyk, Katrina M. Poppert Cordts, Robin M. Lally

4. Hard to Reach and Hidden: Improving Identification of Young Dementia Carers
Patricia Masterson-Algar, Kieren Egan, Greg Flynn, Gwenllian Hughes, Aimee Spector, Joshua Stott, Gill Windle
Different Care Situations
SUPPORTShort Presentations41.The First 16 Years of the US Caregiving Youth Project and Caregiving Youth Institute
Amoy Gordon, Elizabeth Olson

2. In Their Own Words: The Support Needed and Valued by Young and Young Adult Carers
Nicola Brimblecombe, Sara Gowen

3. The Voice of Young Adults Making Sense of Their Caring Childhoods: Demonstrating Resilence Through Adversity
Angela MacDonald, Katrina McLaughlin

4. What More Can We Do? A Lot of Challenges and Questions From Young Carers Services Andrew Deacon
Young Carers' Support Needs & Services/Projects
IDENTIFYSymposium41. Understanding Young Caring in the UK Pre and Post COVID-19: Prevalence, Correlates and Insights from Three UK Longitudinal Surveys
Alejandra Letelier

2. Unlocking the Hidden Inequalities in Wellbeing and Health Among Young Carers: Insights on the Transitions into Young Caregiving
Rebecca Lacey

3. Inequalities in Associations Between Young Adult Caregiving and Social Relationships: Evidence from the UK Household Longitudinal Study
Pam Almedida

4. Does Providing Informal Care in Young Adulthood Impact Educational Attainment and Employment in the UK?
Baowen Xue

Symposium Convened by Alejandra Letelier
Impacts of Caregiving (Messages from the UK)
IDENTIFYShort Presentations41. Getting Young Carers on the National Agenda in Norway
Anita Vatland, Robin Kirknes Andreassen

2. What Do We Know About Young Carers in Finland?
Tiina Sihto

3. How Many Young Carers Are There in France? Prevalencae Studies Among Adolescents and Emerging Adults
Géraldine Dorard, Jade Pilato, Basilie Chevrier, Eléonore Jarrige, Christel Vioulac, Aurélie Untas

4. Understanding the Everyday Geographies of Young Carers in the US
Elizabeth Olson, Leiha Edmonds
International Perspectives
IDENTIFYShort Presentations41. Better Understanding of Emotional Support Provided by Young Adult Carers
Celine Lacombe

2. To Be The Bearer of Bad News
Emilia Ohberg

3. Understanding the Division of Household Labour from the Young Adult Carer's Perspective: A Qualitative Study
Camille Bou

4. Collaboration and Co-creation Among Young Carers: Preliminary Experiences from the Photovoice Research Project
Deborah Ummel
Types of Caregiving Roles
SUPPORTWorkshop1How to Spread Knowledge About What Works in Supporting Young Carers
Tara Knegt
What Works?
INCLUDEWorkshop1Young Carers' Voices Influencing Changes to Carer Support Payments in Scotland
Nicola Bell
Young Carers' Voices in Scotland
Nicola Bell
INCLUDEShort Presentations31. Evaluating Young Carer Experiences of Co-production and Co-delivery of Training and Awareness Raising, Providing Insights for Practioners into Living with Familial Substances Misuse and/or Mental Ill Health
David Hambling, Aiden Quinn, Mandy Bell

2. An Exploration of the Experiences of Young Carers in Kandara Sub-county, Kenya
Frashia Ndungu

3 & 4. Community Nursing - Opportunities to Improve the Health and Wellbeing of Young Carers
Fiona Rogers
Co-Production with Young Carers
ThemeFormatNumber of PresentationsTitle & AuthorSubheadings
SUPPORTSymposium41. Young Carers with Long-term Caring Roles and Their Mental Health Outcomes
Mr Daniel Stanyon

2. Informal Caregiving in Adolescents From 10-16 Years Old: A Longitudinal Study Using Data from the Tokyo Teen Cohort
Dr Atushi Nishida

3. About Young Carers Support Measures in Tokyo
Hiroshi Soeno

4. Introduction of Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Young Carers Support Worldwide
Mr Hori

Symposium Convenor:
Hiroshi Soeno
Tokyo Symposium
IDENTIFYWorkshop1Identifying Young Carers from Seldom Heard Groups
Daniel Phelps
Helen Leadbitter
Identifying Young Carers from Seldom Heard Groups
SUPPORTSymposium61. The Development of SIBS and SIBS-ONLINE: Interventions Aiming to
Strengthen Communication Between Siblings and Parents of Children with

Torun M. Vatne

2. Siblings as Young Carers: Predictors of Mental Health Problems in
Siblings of Children with Chronic Disorders

Trude Frediksen

3. Social Support as a Key Variable for Siblings as Young Carers´
Solveig Kirchhofer

4. Results From the SIBS Intervention for Siblings and Parents of Children
with Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Cambodia

Krister Fjermestad

5. Emotional communication in support groups for siblings of children with disabilities
Erica Zahl

6. Siblings and parents of children with a chronic disorder: Satisfaction with the sibling tailored intervention “SIBS”
Linda Nyanchoka

Krister Fjermestad Symposium Convenor
Interventions and Risk Factors for Siblings as Young Carers
SUPPORTWorkshop1The Important Role of Lecturers in Supporting Students with a Chronically Ill Family Member and Their Need for More Expertise
Hinke van der Werf, Marjet Karssenberg (YAC).
Role of Lecturers in Supporting Student Young Carers (Dutch Model)
SUPPORTShort Presentations31. The Caregiving Students Roadmap for Lecturers. Development of a Support Tool for Early Identification and Support of Informal Caregiving Students at a Nursing Faculty
Erica Witkamp, Saadet Paker, Ellen Bakker

3. Caring and Learning at an English University
Su Corcoran

4.Young Adult Carers Pursuing Higher Education in London: Application and Transition into University; Reconciliation Between Caring and Student Life; and Perceptions of University Support Services
Camille Bou
Young Adult Carers into University/Higher Education
SUPPORTWorkshop1COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities
Heather Chalmers
SUPPORTShort Presentations21. Enabling Young Carers and Young Adult Carers to Care and Not Care in the Welfare State (Austria)
Selma Kadi, Mirijam Pot

2. Young Carers in Germany - Gaps and Needs From a Legal Perspective (Germany)
Stefanie Gröhl
European Perspectives
IDENTIFYShort Presentations41. The Meaning for Adolcents Living with a Parent Who Has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Nina Malmström N, S. Nilsson, B. Jakobsson Larsson, I. Nygren, J. Öhlén, A. Ozanne

2. Informal Care by StudentS for Relatives with Addiction Problems
Dorina Van Namen

3. How to Reach Young Carers of Mentally Ill Parents
Jeanette Bonde Pollmann

4. Mapping the Experiences of the Military Connected and Veteran Young Carers (USA)
Melinda S Kavanaugh, Lisell Perez-Rogers, Rachel Barrett
Caring for Parents with Various Conditions
IDENTIFYShort Presentations31. Adolescent Young Carers Health Differences Between Sub Groups of Adolescent Young Carers (Sweden)
Miriam Svensson

2. Self-Rated Depressive Symptoms Among Young Carers - A Population-Based Study in Finland (Finland)
Ella Eronen-Levonen, Katja Joronen

3. The Cardiovascular Effects of Caregiving on Young Carers: The Role of Coping
Aoife Bowman Grangle
Young Carers' Health Outcomes
SUPPORTWorkshop1Model of the Young Carer Spectrum: Theory, Discussion, Activity and Next Steps
Ed Janes
Model of the Young Carer Spectrum
INCLUDEWorkshop1Empowerment and Exposure - Informing Choice with Young Carers Voice
Hana Gill
Young Carers' Voice: Empowerment and Exposure
INCLUDEShort Presentations31. Producing a Children's Story Book For and With Children/Parents/Caregivers Impacted by Parental Substance Misuse
Deborah Smart, Kira Terry

2. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: Designing a Young Carers Service Where Everyone Belongs
Sian Stamper

3.Hidden By Choice
Cornich Plumridge
ThemeFormatNumber of PresentationsTitle & AuthorSubheadings
SUPPORTSymposium41. Predictors of Depression in Young Carers in Ireland
Aoife Bowman Grangel

2. The Strengths and Struggles Experienced by Young Carers Regarding Their Future Careers While in Upper Secondary School
Breda Moloney

3. Sharing the Caring: Young Carers' Experiences and Access to Supports in Ireland
Niamh Finucane

4.Working Towards Wellbeing; How Family Carers Ireland's Tiered Service Delivery Model Supports Young Carers
Elayne O'Hara

Ireland Symposium: Resetting the Dial - Supporting and Changing the Lives of Young Carers and Young Adult Carers in Ireland
IDENTIFYWorkshop1Young Carers in Armed Forces Families
Helen Leadbitter
Military Family Young Carers
SUPPORTWorkshop1Missed Opportunities for Change: Why a Holistic Approach to Support Matters
Sarah Jones
Holistic Approaches to Support
SUPPORTWorkshop1Initiative for Young Caregivers in Quebec - Unfiltered Support For and With Youth
Maude Lupien Montestinos
Supporting Young Carers Quebec Workshop
SUPPORTShort Presentations21. Presentation and Evaluation of Mental Health Literacy and Self-care Website Intended For Young People Who Have a Parent With a Mental Illness
Aude Villatte, Geneviève Pichè, Rima Habib

2. The Role and Impact of Social Networks for Children of Parents with Severe and Enduring Mental illness
Imogen Nevard
Parents with Mental Illness
SUPPORTWorkshop1Supporting Young Carers in Schools
Adem Ruggiero-Cakir, Lisa Witherden
Young Carers in Schools
IDENTIFYShort Presentations21. Young Carers in Refugee and Other Migrant Families in the UK and Sweden: Key Messages for Practioners and Policy Makers
Ruth Evans, Rosa Mas Giralt, Brigeitte Suter, Katarina Mozetic

2. Including Youth Voices in Veteran Caregiving Research: I+YOUCare
Melinda S. Kavanaugh, Eleanor Gonzales, Erin Bouldin, Rebecca Mabe, Mary Jo Pugh, Luci Leykum
Overlooked Young Carers
IDENTIFYShort Presentations41.Unheard, Unseen: A Collaborative Presentation Exploring the Representation of Young Carers in Early Childhood Through Research and Lived Experience
Carly Ellicott, Emmanuel Borges-Da-Silva

2. Ethical and Practical Challenges and Opportunities in Recruiting From the Wider Young Carer Population
Ed Janes

3. An International Anaylsis Young Carer Policy: Where to Next?
Victoria McDonagh

4. Crossing the English Channel. The Transfer of the Young Carer Category from UK to France: Background, Implementation and Questions
Diane Beduchard
Research and Policy Matters
IDENTIFYShort Presentations21. Supporting Young Adult Carers to Trasition to Higher Education
Holly Brown

2. MY TIME's Level up Programme - Identifying, Supporting and Transforming Lives
Krista Cartlidge, Dan Morris
Transitions to University and Employment
INCLUDEShort Presentations31. Louder together: Campaigning Nationally with Young Carers
Raphy Poon, Laura Selby

2. Caregiving Youth, Redesign the World
Leiha Edmonds, Elizabeth Olson

3. #WecareToo - Young Adult Carers SHOUT and Make Change
Claire Briston
Co-Production with Young Carers
IDENTIFYWorkshop1Shame and Blame: The Young Carers You Don't Know Exist
Cath Pickles
Invisible Young Carers
ThemeFormatNumber of PresentationsTitle & AuthorSubheadings
WORKSHOPWorkshop1Learn about Key Elements in the SIBS Intervention for Siblings and Parents of Children with Chronic Disorders
Torun M. Vatne, Krister W. Fjermestad
Siblings and Parents
IDENTIFYWorkshop1Engaging Professionals Across Sectors in Quebec to Support Young Carers
Oliver Fitzpatrick
Engaging Professionals (Quebec Case Study)
SUPPORTWorkshop1Adapting the Ycare Caregiving Skills and Support Program to Diverse Populations: Example from South Africa Young Carers
Melinda Kavanaugh, Haley Hochfelden, Thobeka Nkomo
South AfricaYCare Programme
SUPPORTWorkshop1Refining and Implementing the EU "ME-WE" Model for Adolescent Young Carers (Sweden)
Lennart Magnusson
The ME-WE Programme in 6 European Countries
SUPPORTWorkshop (see if drama studio available)1Forum Theatre Workshop
Sally Duckers
Using Theatre with Young Carers
SUPPORTShort Presentations31. Parentification as Social Determinant of Health: Implications for School Councillors
Kathryn Higdon

2. The Role of a School-Based Counselling System in Identification and Support of Young Carers in School
Anna-Marie Spittel

3. Model of Basic Conditions of Support Structures for Young Carers in School
Anna-Marie Spittel
Young Carers in Schools - Models for Practice
IDENTIFYShort Presentations41. Falling Short: Examining Trends Over Time in Support for Young Carers in England
Charlotte Paddison

2.Is Anyone Listening? A Partnership Approach to Identifying, Recognising and Meeting the Needs of Young Carers in South Asia
Ruth Patil

3. Hidden Carers In India
Teemol Thomas
Overlooked Young Carers (International Perspectives)
IDENTIFYShort Presentations21. Are Ill Parents' Key Persons to Better Identify and Reach Young Carers? A Mixed Method Study
Aurélie Untas, Julie Glatz, Pauline Justin, Géraldine Dorard, Michèle Koleck

2. Can We Really Identify Young Carers?
Jade Pilato, Géraldine Dorard, Aurélie Untas

3. How to Better Reach Male Young Carers
Elena Guggiari
Identify and Reach
IDENTIFYShort Presentations41. Pretest of an Interactive and Pictorial Questionnaire Designed to Identify Young Carers Aged 7 to 12
Aude Villatte, Geneviève Piché, Rima Habib, Aurélie Untas, Géraldine Dorard

2. Identifying Young Carers in Child Protection
Ulrika Jarkestig Berggen

3.What Socio-demographic Factors are Associated with Caring Status of Young People as They Age Between16-25 Years Old?
Camille Bou

4. Mytimes Holistic Approach to Creating a Framework of Good Practice
Dan Morris, Krista Cartlidge
Tools to Identify Young Carers
SUPPORTWorkshop1Making Carers Count - Delivering New Services for Young and Young Adult Carers
Tanya Coles
Delivering New Services
INCLUDEWorkshop1The Power of Young Carers' Voices Informing Advocacy and Policy Development
Helen Leadbitter, David Jones, Chelsea-Anne Alex
Young Carers' Voices
IDENTIFYWorkshop1"I Care. Do You?" Little Dreamers and the Power of Story Telling
Now being presented by Madeleine Buchner
Story Telling

For further information on each session please view the abstract summaries for session:

Abstract outline


Abstract outline


Abstract outline


Abstract outline


For organisation purpose, you are requested to register to your favourite sessions

Keynote speakers

Director of the Institute for Childrens Futures, Manchester Metropolitan University

Founder & CEO, Little Dreamers, Australia

Founder & President, COMIP (an association for and with young carers of parents with mental illness), Italy

Executive Director of Policy, Programmes and Impact, Carers Trust

Eurochild – Director of Policy, Advocacy and Communications

Professor, Dept. Health & Caring Sciences, Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden

Reader in Social & Lifecourse Epidemiology

Prior young carer and now young adult young carer who initiated and leads support groups for young carers, Norway

Policy & Practice Manager, Carers Trust, United Kingdom

Founder and Executive Director of Carers Worldwide, India

Scientific committee

Prof. Elizabeth Hanson

Professor, Dept. Health and Caring Sciences, Linnaeus University,
Research director, Swedish Family Care Competence Centre
Board member, Eurocarers

  • Agnes Leu, professor & advisor, Careum School of Health, University of Basel, Institute for Biomedical Ethics, Switzerland
  • Amarantha Bourgeois, Director of “Jeunes AiDants Ensemble – JADE” (Young Carers Together), France
  • Daniel Phelps, independent consultant in policy and practice development for children with caring responsibilities (young carers) and their families, UK
  • Elizabeth Anne Olson, professor, chair of Social Geography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
  • Elisabeth Nordhus Lied, former young carer and adult young carer, facilitator of young carers peer support groups, the Church City Mission, Norway
  • Feylyn Lewis, Assistant Dean Student Affairs, Vanderbilt School of Nursing, Nashville, USA, former young carer and young adult carer
  • Francesco Barbabella, senior researcher, Linnaeus University, Swedish Family Care Competence Centre, Sweden
  • Giulia Casu, associate professor, Department of Psychology, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Licia Boccaletti, president of the cooperative Anziani e non solo (Not Only Older People), Carpi, Italy
  • Michael Buynsters, coordinator of the Strategic Alliance for Young Carers, the Netherlands
  • Nynke de Jong, Study Advisor, University of Twente, the Netherlands, former young carer and young adult carer
  • Maddy Buchner, Founder and Director, Little Dreamers Australia
  • Nikki Dunne, research director, Family Carers Ireland
  • Padraig McGrath, Young Carers Lead, Family Carers Ireland
  • Pauline Johansson, associate professor, Linnaeus University, facilitator Swedish Family Competence Centre
  • Renske Hoefman, researcher, manager, Netherlands Institute for Social Research
  • Valentina Hlebec, professor, chair of social informatics and methodology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

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