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The European voice for informal carers

How do we engage with the private sector?

Eurocarers recognise that there are common interests between Eurocarers and some companies, to address the needs of carers and cared for persons and safeguard their interests in receiving good quality products and services.

Ethics are first and foremost about respecting all members and continually building on trustworthiness. Consequently, Eurocarers has developed ethical guidelines to govern our relationships with the business sector and ensure the best interests of our members. The basis of sound and equal partnership is recognition of mutual rights and responsibilities and this document is required to make this clear.

These Ethical Guidelines are intended to establish a clear understanding of the separate roles of Eurocarers and sponsoring companies, for the avoidance of doubt and for public interest and awareness.

Eurocarers will always protect and safeguard its independence and reputation.

Download our Ethical Guidelines

Partnership options

Interested stakeholders can support Eurocarers’ general objectives on the role and added value of informal carers to patients, society and the economy and/or work with Eurocarers on a specific issue of common interest.

1. Support Eurocarers general objectives on the role and added value of informal carers

This objective can be achieved in various ways:

Join Eurocarers’ network of external partners – Interested parties can join the Eurocarers network of external partners as a Bronze, Silver or Gold partner against a fixed donation which varies according to the type of stakeholder and partnership category they decide to join.

Depending on the level of partnership they choose, External Partners will enjoy the following benefits:


2. Work with Eurocarers on a specific issue of common interest

Partners can also propose a specific issue or initiative around goods, services and environments of relevance to informal carers and on which they would like to work with Eurocarers. This opportunity is only open to external partners who have joined Eurocarers network of External Partners (see above)

If approved by the Eurocarers Executive Committee, the proposal is then further developed with the Secretariat.

A clear work programme with budget and definition of each party’s rights and duties is agreed and signed by both parties in accordance with Eurocarers’ Ethical Guidelines: Ethical guidelines.

The agreement must clearly define the rights and duties of both parties regarding communication and dissemination about the joint work/initiative.

Examples of such joint work include studies, campaigns, events on the demand for recognition and support to informal carers; collecting feedback from carers on specific needs/expectations, collecting examples of good practice on innovative solutions and other initiatives that can help improve the offer of carers-friendly goods, services and environments across the EU.

If you are interested, please contact

Last Updated on July 27, 2022

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