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The European voice for informal carers


Design and Delivery of Vocational Education and Training (VET) for Community and Family Nurses

Funding programme

EU Erasmus + Programme

Project Leader

National Research Council-Institute for Educational Technology (CNR-ITD).

Main Objectives

To increase the specialization level of nurses working in PHC Family and Community Nursing skills; To foster the development of FCN curricula referring to a formalized EU profile based on WHO and EU politics recommendations; To enhance the shift from the old PHC model to the new healthcare models centered on PHC.


Currently, no standardized Professional Profile (PP) for FCN has been defined at EU level taking into account WHO and EU recommendations. The ENhANCE Project will target the specific mismatch between the skills currently offered by nurses working in Primary Health Care (PHC) and those actually demanded by both public health care institutions and private service providers when applying innovative healthcare models centred on PHC. Starting from existing research evidence and results of ongoing EU Projects, a Professional Profile (PP) for FCN will be defined, as the EU benchmark for VET of FCN. The competence-based PP will be the baseline for the definition of a European, innovative, learning outcome-oriented modular VET Curriculum for FCN.

Main outcomes

  • Integrating project results into practice and tools
  • Implementing national curricula in new courses
  • Improving collaboration among Policy makers/ regulatory bodies and VET providers as to FCN
  • Improving national and local qualifications and rules for the employment of nurses in PHC sector.

Eurocarers involvement

Eurocarers is responsible for the coordination of the project results’ dissemination, exploitation and sustainability (WP7 leader) and plays an active role in the research aiming to develop a definition of and Family and Community Nurse professional profile (WP2).

Contact Details

For enquiries about the ENhANCE project, please contact Nadia Kamel


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