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The European voice for informal carers

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International Young Carers Conference
Identify, listen and support

The international Young Carers Conference,
jointly organised by the Swedish Family Care Competence Centre, Linnaeus University and Eurocarers,
will take place in Brussels on 16-17 November 2020.

EUROCARERS is the European network representing informal carers and their organisations, irrespective of their age or the particular health and care need of the person they are caring for.

Our aim is to advance the issue of informal care at both national and EU levels by:

  • RAISING AWARENESS OF THE SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION MADE BY CARERS to health and social care systems and the economy as a whole, and of the need to safeguard this contribution;
  • ENSURING THAT EU AND NATIONAL POLICIES TAKE ACCOUNT OF CARERS, i.e. promote social inclusion of carers, the development of support services for carers, enable them to remain active in paid employment and maintain a social life.

Eurocarers defines a carer as a person who provides – usually – unpaid care to someone with a chronic illness, disability or other long lasting health or care need, outside a professional or formal framework.

“De-institutionalisation is not about economics, it’s about ensuring emancipation for all, irrespective of their situation” says M. Spidla at #Towardsinclusion2020 conference

The 3rd International Young Carers Conference, “Identify, Support, Listen to young carers” den 16-17 november 2020. Nu kan man skicka in abstract

Carers save the economy £132 billion per year - roughly equivalent to a second NHS. Let’s recognise their contribution and get social care done – my comment on #GE2019 result

This week, the EPSCO Council highlighted “the ambition of member states to achieve better work-life balance”: a good reminder of the need for a swift transposition of the Work Life Balance Directive, as part of ambitious national strategies for carers!

Learn how #enhancefcn is supporting #PeopleCentredCare with skilled #FamilyNurse.
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