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The European voice for informal carers

Call to Belgian politicians: prioritizing crucial social well-being initiatives

In a collaborative effort, our Belgian colleagues from Aidants Proches have recently published a memorandum directed towards Belgian politicians, shedding light on critical concerns of carers and health professionals, support and social sectors. Emerging from a participatory approach, this document consolidates 40 demands, with 10 identified as top priorities. Presented to various French-speaking Belgian political groups on June 21, coinciding with Belgium’s Carers Day, the memorandum aims to raise awareness among politicians regarding essential issues affecting these vital segments of society.

The outlined priorities encompass a spectrum of subjects, spanning healthcare to social support. Carefully chosen to address the urgent needs of carers and professionals, these crucial points include calls for strengthening existing frameworks and integrating innovative solutions to enhance the quality of life for those dedicating their time to caregiving. The goal of these interactions is to provide answers to politicians’ inquiries and encourage them to incorporate these priorities into their political agendas for upcoming elections. This represents a unique opportunity to spotlight often overlooked challenges and advance tangible solutions for the well-being of society at large. As political futures are being shaped, it is crucial that the voices of carers and health professionals are not only heard but actively considered for the benefit of the entire community.

Read the memorandum here (in French)

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