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New podcast series in Ireland

Care Alliance Ireland is pleased to announce the launch of their new podcast series- Caring Researchers. The series aims to make family carer research accessible for family carers, students, researchers, academics and the general public.

Research is often viewed as something disconnected from ‘real life’, but nothing could be further from the truth. In order to make changes in policies and the lives of Irelands 500,000 family carers, research is vital to understand what changes are needed.

Zoe Hughes, Senior Policy & Research Officer for Care Alliance Ireland and host of the podcast, notes; “Ireland has a thriving family carer research community, and Caring Researchers aims to highlight the past, current, and future projects taking place across the country. That includes learning a little bit more about the researchers themselves, the family carers who are involved in the research, and the early-stage student researchers who will be the next generation of researchers soon, as well as the incredibly wide range of topics being researched across not-for-profit organisations, Universities and academic institutions.”

The first episode, now available, includes a discussion with Care Alliance Ireland CEO Liam O’Sullivan, discussing the history of family care research in Care Alliance, working collaboratively with organisations and academics, involving family carers in research, and the future of family care research.

The Podcast is available via the Spreaker platform (–6179334), Spotify ( and other major Podcast streaming services.

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