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The European voice for informal carers

Invitation to contribute – Carers’ Organisations and their Impact: the creation of a global movement

Carers’ Organisations and their Impact: the creation of a global movement
by Sue Yeandle (University of Sheffield, UK)

Please share your organisation’s story for this new book, forthcoming from The Policy Press.  Sue Yeandle says:

“For many years, around the world, I’ve been collecting data and interviewing people involved in carers’ organisations. At this stage, I’m especially interested in knowing more about organisations established in European countries in the years since Eurocarers was formally established in 2002.”

Examples of information we would like include:

  • How and when was your organisation founded, and how did it establish its priorities?
  • What campaigns has your organisation conducted, and how far have these been successful?
  • Has your organisation influenced any public policies, at local or national level?
  • How does your organisation benefit from belonging to Eurocarers; when and why did you join?
  • What services and support does your organisation offer to individual carers?

About the book

The book explores the emergence of an international carers’ movement, drawing on material about the many not-for-profit and charitable carers’ organisations which, over 60 years, have sprung up, created an impact and stimulated new thinking about care, caring and carers around the world.

The book is organised in three parts and focuses on developments in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and East Asia. It explores the context, sources of complaint and inspiration, and spurs to action that have motivated and sustained carers’ organisations from their earliest origins in the 1960s. It offers a unique account of their development, activities and achievements.

  • Part 1 discusses the emergence and development of carers’ organisations, as they have changed from small national campaigning groups into influential civil society organisations.
  • Part 2 examines areas in which carers’ organisations have influenced and mobilised support for policy change: financial and social protection; the struggle for visibility, recognition and understanding; identifying unmet need and developing innovative supports; tackling carers’ social exclusion and tensions in managing paid work and unpaid care; and engaging with others in wider systems of care and support.
  • Part 3 offers an assessment and comparative analysis of their achievements, highlights ‘unfinished business’, signals the future challenges they face, and indicates their prospects for ongoing action and campaigning success at national and international levels.

To contribute information about your organisation, please contact:

Professor Sue Yeandle:, cc Dr Jane Astbury at CIRCLE (Centre for International Research on Care, Labour and Equalities), University of Sheffield. CIRCLE was established by Sue in 2006 and is a longstanding member of Eurocarers.

Please provide your name/email address and the name, web details and contact information for your organisation. We will then send you a list of key questions and explain how information you provide will be used. To be included, information is needed during summer 2024 (deadline 30 Sept. 2024).

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