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Tools for Facilitators

Read also the User’s Manual that can be downloaded here (English version):[download id=”35047″]. This document describes how to use the Competence Profile in practice, in combination with the Online Self-Assessment Tool. The User’s Manual is also available in all the languages of the project:

[download id=”35100″]
[download id=”35103″]
[download id=”35107″]
[download id=”35110″]


The CARE4DEM Online Self-Assessment Tool

The online Self-Assessment tool was designed to help the facilitators gain a better understanding of their personal facilitation tendencies, which greatly affect their interaction with the mutual support group they facilitate. The content of the Self-Assessment is in line with the Shorter Competence Profile. The online Self-Assessment tool is easy to use: the user is invited to situate him/herself between two available options for a series of items, by choosing the one that best suits him/her according to his/her knowledge and experience.

The main objectives of the assessment tool are: 

  • to offer guidance to those who want to improve their competencies and get involved in the implementation of an online MAG; 
  • to identify the facilitators strengths and weaknesses that can be further developed through the learning programme; 
  • to provide users with a hint on the competencies that should be explored in order to deliver a highquality online support group; 
  • to support the organisations and professionals willing to assess their competencies and to bring professional development through the B-learning training course. 

The tool can be accessed in multiple languages (English, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Italian) through the following link: 


The e-learning videos (English version) can be downloaded here:

  • [download id=”31028″]
  • [download id=”31031″]
  • [download id=”31035″]
  • [download id=”31038″]
  • [download id=”31041″]
  • [download id=”31044″]
  • [download id=”31047″]
  • [download id=”31050″]

Last Updated on January 8, 2021

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