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The European voice for informal carers

Co-financing residential care for older people: models and equity implications

The European Center for Social Welfare Policy and Research published on the 23/6/2020 a new policy brief on co-financing residential care for older people. This publication aims to fill the gap of limited information on the policy and equity implications of out-of-pocket payments (OPPs) on access and financing of residential care. To this end, the authors provide a brief summary of the different financing systems for residential care in Europe and evidence of their distributional impact on OPPs where possible. Policy options are discussed on how to overcome the general challenge of mitigating the unpredictability of care-related expenditures over the individual life-course in an equitable manner. 


Simmons, C., Leichsenring, K., Navarini, L. & Rodrigues, R. (2020). Co-financing residential care for older people: models and equity implications, Policy Brief 2020/4. Vienna: European Centre.

The Policy Brief is accessible here

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