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Exploring Attitudes of family members toward Pre-symptomatic Screening for Alzheimer’s Dementia in Five European Countries

In the latest edition of Frontiers in Genetics, the GECONEU Erasmus+ project (Genetic counseling in European universities: The case of neurodegenerative diseases) sheds light on attitudes toward pre-symptomatic screening for Alzheimer’s Dementia (AD) across five European countries. The study, titled “Attitudes toward pre-symptomatic screening for Alzheimer’s Dementia in five European countries: a comparison of family members of people with Alzheimer’s Dementia versus non-family members,” investigates the acceptance of screening among family and non-family members in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, and Turkey. The research, using the “Perceptions regarding pRE-symptomatic Alzheimer’s Disease Screening” questionnaire (PRE-ADS), found that variations in screening acceptability are influenced by both family history and cultural factors. With 56.9% expressing a positive intention toward pre-symptomatic AD screening, the study underscores the need to tailor healthcare services based on cultural nuances.

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The main goal of this project was to develop a free e-learning course, an introductory program in Genetic Counseling for Neurodegenerative Disorders. This course was designed for students of Health and Life Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, and professionals in the field of Health Sciences It has been developed in six languages, EnglishGermanGreekDutchSpanish, and Turkish by the consortium of the GECONEU project. In this phase, the course will be tested by 25 students from the participating countries.

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Marina Makri, BSc, MSc, MA, PhDc School of Medicine Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greek Association of Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders

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