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First pilot tryout of the new Mobile Game “Game4CoSkills”

Alzheimer Hellas is one of the partners of the project “Game4CoSkills” which is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The “Game4CoSkills” project created a Mobile Game for the development of cognitive skills and concept teaching for adults with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) to use individually or in a group format. The duration of this project is 24 months and the countries which are participating are France (Interactive 4D), Austria (Austrian Association of Inclusive Society-AIS), Italy (Euro-Net), Greece (Greek Association of Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders), Cyprus (Synthesis Center for Research and Education) and Turkey (Avrasya Yenilikçi Toplum Derneği). The mobile game covers multiple cognitive skills development and concept teaching strategies and grows more challenging as performance improves on colour, memory, math, accuracy, logic, dexterity, multitasking and attention to details. By using this way, adults with ID will participate in enjoyable group activities to have to experience mobile games. For more information you can visit our website During September, the first pilot tryouts have been done. Thus, in Alzheimer’s Hellas 20 people with ID and 10 health professionals interacted with the game. They gave us feedback on their experience and all partner countries are now working on their national report of the given feedback. This first trial will give us the chance to improve the game by making changes and be aware of their experience, how helpful this tool could be, and underline its importance.

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