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The European voice for informal carers

Round table on the care sector in Slovakia

The Chamber of Caregivers of Slovakia (KOS) initiated discussion on the topic on the provision of caregiving services and its future in Slovakia in the context of long-term care. MEP Lexmann took the initiative and invited Mr. Štěrba, from the European Commission, DG EMPL, team leader for the implementation of the ESF in Slovakia, to the round table with stakeholders, founders and providers of public and non-public, formal (ambulance and field care services) and informal care (KOS).

The participants named and summarized the most pressing problems that threaten the existence of caring service and its sustainability. Insufficient, chaotic and unfair financing of public and non-public social services was named as the most serious and common problem. There is a lack of a sustainable system of financing ambulatory and field care services, which is currently dependent on European funds. Their pumping does not serve to set up the system. Resortism persists. Caregivers’ work, wages and working conditions are unattractive, which is reflected in the lack of caregivers in the system, mostly in the BA and PO regions. Another problem is the presence and growing number of polymorbid recipients with V. and VI. degree of dependency in facilities and in the natural environment. Health care /nursing activities are provided by unqualified caregivers. A network of support services for domestic (informal) caregivers is not available and sufficiently accessible.

Mr. Štěrba said that there are measures in the Slovakia program that count on lifelong learning – It is assumed that a national project will be created, which will also pilot the concept of a personal budget, the so-called care allowance for the recipient. It will not be possible to finance this entire system from the ESF, so the system will need to be set up to be sustainable even without European funds. The Ministry should not underestimate this.

The following were present at the meeting: Mrs. Ghannamová (APSSvSR), Mrs. Grafikova and Mrs. Ždiľová (KOS), Mr. Servátka (KOS, Bridges of Help), Mrs. Kovaľová (AOPSS), Mrs. Filipová (Union of Slovak Cities, SocioForum), Mrs. Laurinec Šmehilová – representative of non-public providers, Mrs. Dobiašová – MPSVR, Mr. Alex (Senior Center Staré Mesto), Mrs. Ďurišová – ŽSK, Catholic charity, Mrs. Vančová (director of ÚPSVaR Trnava), Mrs. Holečková – NSK vice-president, Mr. Mráz –vice-mayor of Trnava.

Some participants were connected online and also had the opportunity to take part in the long discussion. The meeting ended with a press conference.


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