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The European voice for informal carers

Two years after Porto Social Summit: Bringing pillar of social rights to life

Two years after the Porto Social Summit, and a commitment to developing innovative, inclusive responses to present and future challenges, the Porto Social Forum reaffirms the role of Social Europe, creating synergies for the Future of Europe, writes a group of European leaders.

Europe is about people.

It is about workers, businesses and civil society. It is about ensuring a level playing field for people and all companies. It is about creating quality jobs that enable everyone to fulfil their right potential and assuring a decent living for all. It is about fostering opportunities for the younger generations and access to quality services of general interest, including life and long-term care for older persons. It is about equality between women and men as well as rights and equal opportunities for all.

It is about building an economy that is ever more sustainable, ever more competitive, and ever more inclusive, and where social dialogue and collective bargaining play an active role in those positive transformations.

It is about ensuring the participation and inclusion of all people, including those with disabilities, the homeless or the vulnerable. A society where no one is left behind regardless of their gender, social status, age, health, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or origin.

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