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The European voice for informal carers
La Compagnie des Aidants

La Compagnie des Aidants is an association based on a network of people dealing with informal care to deliver mutual help and facilitate exchanges. The solution offered by La Compagnie des Aidants is based on local contacts. La Compagnie des aidants offers a search by ZIP code in order to offer a list of informal carers, volunteers and exchanges of care material. A specific application has been developed too in order to manage the information of care recipients (reminders for doctor visits, medicines, resources or other informal carers or volunteers located close to the his/her household).

Diputación Provincial de Jaén

Diputación Provincial de Jaén is the provincial council and government for the same named Spanish province. It´s a public administration that gives services to the 97 town councils of the province and their citizens in matters like welfare, culture and sports, employment, tourism, environment, farming, infrastructures, economic development and others.


EUROCARERS is the European network representing informal carers and their organisations, irrespective of the particular age or health need of the person they are caring for. Our aim is to advance the issue of informal care at national and EU levels by:

  • Raising awareness of the significant contribution made by carers to health and social care systems and the economy as a whole, and of the need to safeguard this contribution;
  • Ensuring that EU and national policies take account of carers, i.e. promote social inclusion of carers, the development of support services for carers, enable them to remain active in paid employment and maintain a social life.
IPERIA l’Institut

“IPERIA l’Institut” is the French Institute for the professionalization of family employment that counts with 3.5 million individual family employers and 2 million individual employees in three branches: household services, childcare and long term care.


WIAB is a non-profit research institution providing research and consultancy to public institutions, enterprises and international organisations in the field of labour market, gender and (vocational) education and training.

WIAB has a strong expertise in competence, qualification and occupation description, the development of competence frameworks and multilingual taxonomies as well as the validation and recognition of skills and competences.

WBS Training Schulen

The WBS TRAINING SCHULEN gGmbH is a non-profit subsidiary company of the WBS TRAINING AG. We have vocational schools in social pedagogy, nursing, welfare, occupational, speech and physical therapy, paramedic as well as geriatric care. Since 2010 we are an expert in the sector of health and social care. Our approach is to supply our students with a stimulating learning environment, qualified and motivated teachers and the use of adequate teaching methods.

Last Updated on January 29, 2019

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