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The European voice for informal carers

44 million carers in the EU – Time to shape the future of long-term care

Eurofound just released the article “Shaping the future of long-term care: A good outcome will benefit all”, which calls for an EU strategy on carers:

An ageing Europe and rising public expenditure on long-term care have signalled for some time that the fundamentals of care provision need to be addressed. However, the shocking death toll in care homes during the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that many long-term care services were ill-equipped to protect their vulnerable users have lately focused the public mind on the issue. Most people in the EU will need such care for themselves or someone close to them at some stage in their lives. Demand is already escalating, as the rise in the long-term care workforce – by a third in just a decade – testifies. Calls for a European care strategy rightly insist that care users be listened to, but here we highlight others in the system whose needs deserve attention too.

Read the full article on the Eurofound website

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