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A short movie about informal care – De Nestvlieder – needs your support!

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A short movie about informal care has been created in the Netherlands with a group of filmmakers, caregivers and disabled people.  At you can watch the concept trailer (in Dutch).

The movie – De Nestvlieder– is based on experiences of Martine van der Kolk (director), Luna Petilli (Producer) and informal care experts.

The movie shows people what impact informal care has on a family and shows in a tragicomic way which feelings, needs, desires and fears people can get in those situations. It is also about the consequences of not telling your family about those feelings and learning to be open about this. For a lot of people, this is very difficult to do. People can be more open about their feelings when they can talk through fictional characters.

Beside that, an education program for kids about informal care based on the short movie De Nestvlieder has been developed. It consists in a creative-writing-toolkit for high schools. The kids will learn how to make an filmscript based on the social themes they are personally fascinated about (racism, discrimination, etc.) so they can practice writing about their own thoughts. De Nestvlieder will serve as as example for the workshop, hence giving kids awareness of informal care and hopefully helping them recognize informal caregivers by others and themselves. This is very important for the personal development of the kid. It will help the kids as a precaution to realize where they are dealing with if they end up in a situation like it and also helps them to connect with other informal caregivers.

For adults, the plan is to organize movie screenings with after talks for people who would like to share personal experience. Loneliness and miscommunication is common within families with informal caregivers.

The film and program have a lot of potential for film festivals and informal care expertise centers to add in their program. They can support informal carers or those who are struggling with expressing feelings.

Thanks to a few cultural and social funds the project could start. Yet, for the film and the educational programme to be completed, a last financing is needed. If you are committed to informal care and/or cultural education, you could make a donation at the dedicated crowdfunding page.

There are only few days left to achieve their financial goal (till 15th of this January).

On behalf of the producer, the director and informal carers, thank you for your support!

For more information, you can refer to the flyer and the info sheet (in Dutch).

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