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How is digital health technology changing everyday elderly care?

The Essity virtual panel discussion on how digital health technology is changing everyday elderly care took place on the 14th of October 2020 in association with MedTech Week 2020. The Executive Director of Eurocarers was one of the pannelists.

Many elderly care providers today are embracing digital health technology (DHT) to enhance the care they provide, both in home and
professional care settings. But just how is digital health technology changing everyday elderly care?

To answer this question, Essity brought together a panel of five experts in elderly care during MedTech week 2020, who engaged in a live, virtual discussion. Throughout the discussion, the panellists shared what they believe are some of the key trends, challenges and
opportunities around DHT use in elderly care across Europe today.

This report provides a summary of the panellist’s key messages and the insights Essity would like to share with you.


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