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New InCARE national factsheet: Attitudes, experiences and expectations on long-term care in Spain

InCARE has launched a second national factsheet, describing Attitudes, experiences and expectations on long-term care in Spain, available in English and Spanish.

We found that:

  • Limited availability and high costs are commonly cited as barriers in access to care in Spain, suggesting a need for increasing financial protection and improved planning of care delivery
  • Spanish respondents have very low trust that the long-term care system will be able to respond to their future care needs, especially regarding the capacity and accessibility of community-based care solutions
  • Attitudes and preferences for care arrangements are shifting away from the traditional familialistic grounding of the Spanish care system, and towards a stronger role of the State and of professional services in long-term care provision.

The results reported in this factsheet are based on unweighted data consisting of 375 responses from Spain and 2373 responses from across EU-27 countries, collected through an online survey between September 2021 and February 2022.

You can read the publication in English or in Spanish!

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