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Supporting young carers and their families: the results of the TOGETHER project

The Erasmus + Together project has officially come to an end, the final resources have been created and published and the final events have been organised.


Results of the Together project

All the resources that have been produced during the two years of the project have been finalised and published on the project website. Overall, they aimed at raising awareness of young carers, helping them to self-identify and to communicate openly and honestly with the whole family. The whole family approach was in fact the key principle behind the project’s objectives, as it considers how promoting positive family conversations can increase the well-being of young carers and the wider family. To reach this goal, different outcomes were created, some to support young carers and families to communicate positively and effectively about the impact caring can have and others to help practitioners on supporting these target groups. The following results in the four languages of the partner countries are freely available on the project website:

  • The Together Database, containing national and international resources on the topic of young carers;
  • A set of ad hoc resources addressed to young carers, family members and practitioners to promote identification and communication;
  • The Together workshop model for young carers and family members on emotions, needs and communication about the impact of caring responsibilities;
  • The Together e-learning programme, both online and printable, for practitioners to increase their knowledge on the topic, guide them in the use of resources and in the implementation and evaluation based on the Together whole family model.

Final Events

On 17th March 2022, the consortium met for the final transnational partner meeting in Brussels, hosted by the project partner EuroCarers. It was a hybrid event to allow all partners to participate. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the project results and future steps.

In March, national dissemination events were held in the different partner countries, aimed at sharing and disseminating the Together project and its results. To promote Together resources at European level, the consortium organised a hybrid international conference on 18th March 2022 targeting youth workers, social workers, health workers and wider stakeholders. The event was an opportunity for partners to share their work and experiences, with the support of experts on the topic who contextualised and gave value to the Together project.

Time to say Goodbye

Our project has come to an end and we want to thank all of you for this amazing experience! To find out more about the Together project and its results visit our website

Hope to be together again soon for young carers!

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