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The European voice for informal carers

Eurocarers is seeking to strengthen its Board of Directors

Eurocarers is the European network representing informal carers[1] and their organisations, irrespective of the particular age or health needs of the person they are caring for. Our network currently brings together 77 carers’ organisations as well as relevant carer advocacy, research & development organisations from 27 countries. Our Secretariat is located in Brussels. A membership overview is available on our website: Eurocarers operates as a registered non-profit organisation (AiSBL) under Belgian law.

Call for applications

We are seeking to coopt one additional member to the Board as part of our commitment to harnessing the strength of diversity, new insights and specialised skills to advance our collective mission of carer-led advocacy. Co-opted Board members are appointed for a duration of one year, with the possibility of renewal. We believe that embracing a wider array of talents and experiences can help us better serve our community and achieve our goals. In this context, we are pleased to open a call for applications to fill a Board vacancy, through an individual who is not currently part of our network.

Role of the Eurocarers Board

The Eurocarers Board operates in the collective interest of the organisation and its members, with responsibilities that encompass various crucial tasks. These include preparing the organisation’s annual work plan, budget and financial statements; overseeing the functioning of the Brussels Secretariat; ensuring financial compliance with approved budgets; serving as the organisation’s representative at external events and meetings; appointing the Secretariat staff; and facilitating the admission of new members to the network.

The Board meets four times per year, on average and usually online. Board members are not remunerated for their work but can be reimbursed for the costs incurred in the framework of their mandates, within budget limits.

Key competencies

We are looking for individuals possessing unique qualities, such as:

  • Commitment to Eurocarers’ vision, mission and principles of equality and diversity;
  • First-hand experience in providing care to a family member, relative or friend;
  • Deep understanding of informal carers’ needs and challenges;
  • Enthusiasm for personal knowledge and skill expansion as a Board member;
  • Ability for self-assessment and performance evaluation;
  • Effective collaboration within a team, active listening and openness to diverse viewpoints;
  • Capacity to view the broader organisational landscape and prioritise the organisation’s best interests;
  • Analytical and strategic thinking for contributing to strategic planning; and
  • Strong relationship-building skills with diverse stakeholders, including carers, members, staff, volunteers, funders, partner organisations and governmental and community groups.

Our goal is also to cultivate a diverse and well-balanced combination of professional skills and experiences within the Board, promoting effective governance of the organisation.

We are therefore looking for an individual who ideally possesses a mix of the following skills:

  • Proficiency in business and entrepreneurial competencies;
  • Acumen in financial matters and deep understanding of pertinent regulations;
  • Competence in human resources and people management, along with expertise in employment law;
  • Aptitude in fundraising, marketing and public relations;
  • Familiarity with national and local social care and health policies;
  • Comprehension of best governance practices and relevant codes and standards;
  • Understanding of the health and social sector.


Gains of being a Board Member

Joining the Board of Eurocarers is an exceptional opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the well-being of communities and individuals across borders. As a Board member, you will play a pivotal role in driving our mission of positive change through carer-led advocacy. Your involvement will directly contribute to advancing policies and initiatives that address pressing care-related issues at a European level. Beyond the intrinsic satisfaction of contributing to a noble cause, being a Board member provides a platform to collaborate with a diverse team, fostering an environment for your insights and expertise to thrive. It is a chance to be at the forefront of innovative solutions, leveraging your skills for the greater good and building lasting connections with like-minded individuals dedicated to creating a positive impact.


How to apply

If you are passionate about care and caring issues, committed to advocacy and eager to drive change on a broader scale, we invite you to submit your application to join our Board. Your skills, perspectives and dedication will not only enhance our organisation’s effectiveness but also contribute to shaping more care(r)-friendly communities across the continent. Applications are accepted until the 12th February 2024. Use the form provided below to introduce yourself, share your motivations and outline the skills and experiences you bring to support informal carers. To do so, we encourage you to upload a short presentation video along with your CV/biography to provide a more holistic view of your candidacy. Thank you for your interest and dedication; we look forward to the possibility of welcoming you to our dedicated team!

[1] Eurocarers defines a ‘carer’ as an individual who provides unpaid care to someone with a chronic illness, disability or other long-lasting health or care needs, outside of a professional or formal framework.

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