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The European voice for informal carers

Anita Vatland is Managing Director and co-founder of Pårørendealliansen, Norwegian alliance for informal Carers. The umbrella organization currently has 36 member organizations, representing about 750 000 members and/or employees. She has her Caring background advocating for better eldercare and better support for the informal carers taking care the elderly.

Vatland has over the years held several manager positions in the Healthcare industry and in a medical newspaper. She has been a management consultant and consultant for informal Carers in Eldercare, helping them find solutions and help for the person they care for, so they can manage work and their caring responsibilities.

Vatland currently represents informal Carers and eldercare issues in several national advisory boards and committees; such as in The Directory of Health, the Norwegian board of Health Supervision, The office of the auditor General and the advisory board for Health and Work. She has a background as Civil Economist Marketing , and several work related trainings, classes and courses.

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